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Institutional Sponsor

Enthought accelerates science for business impact. We combine science expertise, AI software solutions, and transformation services to turn our customers into digital scientists and set up their organizations to win in today's digital world.


Our team of “scientists who code” pairs in-depth science expertise with data strategy, modeling, simulation, AI and more to transform businesses that depend on science. We solve complex problems for some of the most innovative and respected organizations across the oil and gas, life sciences, chemical, and semiconductor industries.


Founded in 2001, Enthought built the first scientific distribution of Python and has been the institutional sponsor of the annual SciPy conference since its inception. Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Houston, Texas, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Zürich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan.

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Platinum Sponsors

Capital One

At Capital One, we dare to dream, disrupt and deliver a better way. Our goal is simple – bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to an industry ripe for change. Founder-led, Capital One is on a mission to help people live their best lives and build one of America’s leading information-based technology companies.

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Coiled scales Python to the cloud for data professionals. Based on Dask, the leading Python-native solution for distributed computing, Coiled has hosted more than 100M tasks for data professionals, scientists, and researchers around the globe including Capital One, Anthem Health, and the Air Force to solve challenges in business, research, and science. 


Coiled is a remote-first company with the best and brightest working from around the globe. Founded by the initial author of Dask, Coiled is on a mission to create a platform that gives Data Scientists the power of the cloud and machine learning, freeing them from today's limitations so they can solve important problems. 


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Gold Sponsors
Gold Sponsors

Two Sigma

Two Sigma is a financial sciences company. We combine rigorous inquiry, data analysis, and invention to solve the toughest challenges across financial services.


We’re looking for people who see beauty in data and the possibilities it reveals. Researchers who see connections and patterns in unexpected places. Engineers who build tools that channel massive amounts of data into insights. And experts across business disciplines to help solve the toughest challenges in investment

management, insurance, market-making, private equity, and venture capital.


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NumFOCUS is a nonprofit organization that promotes open practices in research, data, and scientific computing by serving as a fiscal sponsor for open source projects and organizing community-driven educational programs. NumFOCUS envisions an inclusive scientific and research community that utilizes actively supported open source software to make impactful discoveries for a better world.


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Silver Sposors


Quansight is a data science and engineering consulting firm specializing in open-source software. Quansight is led by Travis Oliphant, who founded Anaconda, NumFOCUS, and PyData and authored or led the creation of the foundational Python ecosystem packages NumPy, SciPy, Numba, and Conda.


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Silver Sponsors


Company description: makepath is a geospatial data science company based in Austin, Texas, that specializes in using open source tools to work on projects that have a spatial data component. We work with clients to help them visualize what is hiding in their data through beautiful and compelling data visualizations. As creators and contributors to several open source libraries including Datashader, Bokeh and Xarray-Spatial, we believe in the value of open source and are committed to strengthening the open source community through contributing to libraries in the PyData stack. 


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The USGS is focused on some of the most significant issues society faces, in which natural science can make a substantial contribution to the well-bering of the United States and the world. The USGS is constantly seeking better software technology to support its mission in characterizing and understanding complex Earth and biological systems through research, modeling, mapping, and the production of high quality data on the United States natural resource infrastructure.

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Sprint Sponsor
Sprints Sponsor


Architecting Power, Efficiency and Choice for scientific computing


The transformation Arm brings to processor innovation is unfolding apace, enabling new market competition and more diverse solutions to serve the constant need for ever-more powerful and efficient compute. Beyond architecting processor innovation, we empower tomorrow’s application developers with the tools which enable them to push scientific boundaries - simply and efficiently.


The use of Python in High Performance Computing (HPC) is growing at a considerable rate.  Python is flexible and can be extended using modules like NumPy or SciPy. Arm Forge is the leader for optimizing robust high-performance applications on any HPC platform. Developers trust Arm tools and professional services to serve their code optimization needs on x86, Arm, NVIDIA GPU, and IBM architectures.

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Community Sponsor

Manning Publications

Manning is an independent publisher of computer books for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers, and all who are professionally involved with the computer business. The books we publish cover a huge range of topics that the modern developer needs; from languages and frameworks, to best practices for team leaders.

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